Evohia Horto Pelion

Cafe restaurant bar Evohia


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Fireplace restaurant Euohia

Restaurant cafe bar Euohia

Restaurant cafe bar Euohia

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In Horto, a small seaside resort in Pelion, there is a restaurant 'Evohia'. 'Evohia' in ancient Greek language means enormous meal, a feast. Dominant components: wood and stone. In a combination of modern and traditional decoration, the atmosphere is very cozy, accompanied with selected music. Enjoy the tranquility of the sea and a big variety of dishes which will excite you. Our recipes which are made according to our traditional cooking and our new homemade dishes are waiting for you to enjoy. You should try among others, vegetables in the pot, 'evohia' salad, and traditional meal (veal with tomato sauce in the pot with noodles and smoked cheese). You should also select a special wine to enjoy with your meal. At the end you should taste our special homemade dessert, cheesecake with berries.

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