How to come in Horto

If you plan to travel by plane you can choose the airport E. Venizelos of Athens (ATH), the airport Macedonia of Thessaloniki (SKG) or the airport of Aghialos of Volos (VOL).

If you plan to travel by ship you can choose the port of Piraeus, the port of Igoumenitsa, the port of Patra or the port of Volos. There are roots from Patra, and Igoumenitsa to Italian cities of Ancona, Bari or Venice

At the end of this page you can find driving instructions for how to come in Horto from major Greek cities.

When you arrive in Volos you can rent a car or you can came to Horto by Bus. If you choose bus the schedule of bus routes you can find at the following web.
tel (+30) 2421033253 / 2421025527

If you travel by car you follow the road from Volos to Southern Pelion. You meet some villages in your way such as Agria, Lexonia, Kala Nera, Afetes and Argalasti 40 km from Volos. You follow the road to Milina and at 7km after Argalasti is Horton. (45 min from Volos!)

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How to come from major Greek cities

Flights straight to Volos airport
How to come from Athens to Horto
How to come from Piraeus to Horto
How to come from Thessaloniki to Horto
How to come from Patra to Horto
Hwo to come from Igoumenitsa to Horto
How to come from Skiathos to Horto
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Useful phone numbers

Car rental at Pelion
N. Aghialos airport (Volos) (+30) 2428076886
Flying Dolphins (+30) 2421039787/ 2421039786
Volos Bus station: (+30) 2421033253/ 2421025527
Athens bus station (+30) 2108329585/ 2108317186
Thessaloniki bus station (+30) 2310595424  
Patra bus station (+30) 2610623886, 7, 8
Ioannina bus station (+30) 2651027441/ 2651026211 Useful links
Volos train station (+30) 2421028555/ 2421024056
Athens train station (+30) 2105240646   Train routes of Greece
Thessaloniki train station (+30) 2310517517 A useful site for charter flights
Police (+30) 2423054236 Air tickets online booking
Tourist police (+30) 2421072421 Site for low cost flights
Health center (+30) 2423054611 Flying Dolphins
Hospital of Volos (+30) 2421027531/ 2421039225 Book online your ferries tickets
National tourism organization (+30) 2421024915 Book online your ferries tickets
Radio Taxi of Volos (+30) 2421027777 Buses from and to Volos

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