Accommodation in Horto Pelion

Pelion is one of the most beautiful places of Greece and worth to visit any time of year you choose. In history and mythology has been the summer place of ancient Greek gods of Olympus, the residence of the mythical centaurs and the Argonaut expedition. Villages and hamlets scattered in Pelion, built with traditional architecture among cobblestone streets, fountains and landscapes outstanding natural beauty, preserving traditions and local customs unchanged with the past of the time.

Pelion is the ideal destination for all seasons, with a dense network of hiking trails and coves with small or large magnificent beaches bordering the Aegean Sea or the Pagasiticos Gulf.

Horto is a beautiful seaside village of Pelion, built on a leeward bay, bordering the Pagasiticos Gulf . The lush vegetation and olive trees that reach to the sea, with its beaches, the beautiful Pelion, make ideal holiday destination for lovers of nature and sea. While you are spending your holidays in Horton you will also find the restaurant coffee bar 'evohia' to enjoy a wide variety of dishes whose flavors will amaze you. Nicolas rooms will make your stay in Pelion, pleasant, and will provide the ideal base to explore and discover the magic of Pelion.

Horton Pelion The fountain of Horto

Horto Pelio Accommodation 'nicolas' hotel, Rooms to let in Horto Pelion A lovely sunset in Horto Rocky path in Horto

Horton Pelion

The fountain of Horto

Horton Pelion

Accommodation 'nicolas' Hotel

A lovely sunset in Horto

The rocky path

Worth to visit:

  • In Horton the folklore museum Aggelinis, presents old objects, books, and old photographs. And are being organized exhibitions of paintings, sculpture, photography, theater, concerts of classical and traditional music.

  • The Byzantine monastery of St. Nicholas of Pau (7km) which was built during the 15th century and destroyed by invadors in 1843 with great post-Byzantine frescoes decorating the narthex of the church.

  • In Lafkos (7km) you can visit the folklore museum, the Fampeio museum of paintings and the old radios museum 'Adonis Tavanis'.

  • Outskirts of Milina (3km) the remains of the ancient city Olizon, which by Homer led by Philoctetes, took part in the Trojan War with seven ships and 350 paddlers and archers. The 'Olizona' is always an important archaeological monument, where the king with the bow of Hercules, managed to conquer Troy and to be the case in the tragedy of Sophocles 'Philoctetes'.

  • The Byzantine monastery of St Sarada on the island of Alatas.

  • Argalasti (7km) to the imposing neoclassical marble spire of the church, built in 1913, in imitation of the bell tower of Saint Fotini in Smyrna.

  • Trikeri and Old Trikeri island, the monastery of Panagia Trikeriotissas built at the point of finding the miraculous picture (10/09/1825). The temple is carved and pictures of Byzantine art. 50 cells surrounding the church waiting for the pilgrims


Except from the beautiful beaches of Horto there are many other close up beaches that you have to visit.

  • Paou Beach, gorgeous beach pebbles and sand with calm crystal clear waters of Pagasiticos gulf.

  • Kalamos Beach, sandy beaches of Pagasiticos gulf, close to Horton.

  • Potistika Beach, The beach is sandy, has a length of 1 km and is ideal for relaxing holidays.

  • Melani Beach, perhaps the more beautiful beach in Pelion blue-green water and rock formations in the sea.

  • Paltsi Beach is one of the most popular eastern beaches of Pelion.

  • Mikro Beach, mikro is the name of the beautiful beach near the village of Platanias, with a backdrop of Sporades.

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